Book Signing at Family Christian Bookstore, Saginaw, MI


Author Tim Houston will host a book signing on Saturday June 27, 2009 from 2:00to 4:00 PM at Family Christian Book Store, 4721 Bay Rd, Saginaw, MI. Please come out and get a copy of Tim's wonderful new book "Men Are Dirt." This book provides the reader with spiritual insight about men that will lead to a healthy relationship.

In his 147 page, self-published book, “Men are Dirt: Spiritual insight for healthy relationships” the Saginaw natives gives insight about men. The minister of over 25 years shares Bible-based principles that help the reader navigate past the “quicksand” and “mudslides” men to the place where good men with noble hearts reside. He further states, “Good men do exist; you just have to look below the surface to find them.”
Understanding the complex differences between men and women will always be one of life’s biggest challenges. Men are Dirt is written to provide spiritual insight to the diverse issues of man. The $15.95, 12-chapter book addresses some complex topics such as "The War of the Emotions”, "The Danger of a Neglected Woman" and "Why do men cheat".